Thursday, 29 November 2012

HD Brows

Those who know me, know that I do not go anywhere without my eyebrows 'on.'

When I was younger, I had the most bushy eyebrows you have ever seen and thanks to a friend of my sisters who was a beauty therapist, she came and waxed them for me at the tender age of 13. After that I became a bit obsessed and got carried away with them. So my eyebrows went from crazy monobrow to non existant brow.

I would pluck and tweeze when I saw the slightest movement of hair or one that did not need to be there. I then came across threading a few years ago which have since shaped my eyebrows into a lovely shape. Although I had to grow them for some time and become Bushy Barbara again, I decided a little extra hair for some time would be better than these snakes above my eyes. Since then I have had great eyebrows which I pencil aswel due to holes in my brows from years of plucking, but I also like to perfect the shape with my pencil.

Recently I was introduced to a girl called Lacey. I was told that she does this "HD Brow" treatment and after hearing about it here and there I decided to give it a go. I spoke to Lacey who made me grow my eyebrows (my dreaded fear) for a few weeks then my appointment was booked. 

To get HD Brows you need to go through 7 simple steps to get these perfect looking eyebrows. 
1) Assess - face shape, hair colour
2) Tint eyebrow hair
3) Wax - above and below 
4) Thread
5) Tweeze
6) Trim
7) Aftercare - pencil if needed

So with these 7 simple steps and the most relaxing hour and a half, my eyebrows were transformed once again into a lovely shape. I am so happy with them and would advise everyone to try it out. It lasts for about 3/4 weeks and then you need to have it done again. 

I highly recommend Lacey, she lives in Hertfordshire but will travel around North London if you cannot get to her :) Call her on 07725320825

Lots of love,

LaLa x


Friday, 23 November 2012

Lash Perfect :)

Hey Dolls,

So last month like I have mentioned previously, I attended the Cosmo Blog awards. Whilst there I had a set of fake lashes put on by Natalie from Lash Perfect. 

I have naturally long eyelashes so have never really felt the need to wear false eyelashes but after having the 'By LaLa' brand of Lash Perfect put on, I was hooked.

Lucky for me, the lovely company sent me out a number of eyelashes to test and try. 

They also sent me a product that has me HOOKED! Semi-permanent lip tint and Semi-permanent eye liner. WOW! I have never come across anything like these. They basically look like a felt tip! The lip tint is great and I have been using it as a lip liner. I apply this and then put my lipstick on. The great thing about it is that you can shape your lips differently to how they already are. For example if you have a thin upper lip, using the lip tint you can make a slightly higher line, giving your lip more definition. Oh by the way, it stayed on all night and only came off when I took off my make up.

As for the eye liner, there was no smudging and no mess like a regular kohl pencil. You can apply the liner on the top of your eyelid or on the inside line. 

I am now obsessed with these items and do not want them to finish!! I highly recommend!

To check out the full range of products, visit the website Lash Perfect:)


Lots of love,
Lala x

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Tarot Reading

Hey dolls,

Last month I attended the Cosmo Blog Awards due to my other blog being nominated. This was major for me!

Whilst there I met an awesome lady called Amelie Appleby. She is a tarot reader and fortune teller who brings fun and laughter to a reading she is giving you.

In a club full of about 250 people with banging music and a few too many cocktails down our throats, she managed to give me a great reading. 

Check out her Facebook page and website and if interested, get in contact with her and mention me :)

Lots of Love,

Little Miss V..x  

Monday, 1 October 2012

Brazilian Blow Dry

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica, owner of Frizz Free London. She came over to my house to give me a Brazilian blow dry. 

They specialise in the revolutionary Keratin based treatment which will change the way you style your hair. However, this Brazilian blow dry is different to most others. Most stylists will use the basic Keratin product, Frizz Free London use a treatment called Eternity liss which uses Keratin and Collagen!

Usually when you have this treatment, you have to leave your hair for 3 days before you can wash it, get it wet or straighten it. With Eternity Liss you can wash your hair after one hour!! 

The treatment takes about 3 hours in total but it is so worth it. I have naturally curly hair and now when I wash it, it dries wavy and takes me only ten minutes to straighten where as before it would take me about 45 minutes!! 

I advise anyone who has curly or frizzy hair that wants the frizz gone, to do this treatment. The prices are much cheaper than a salon and Jessica is the nicest girl who will keep you entertained for the three hours!!

Check out their website for more information, prices and contact details!

Sunday, 16 September 2012

It's in the eyes :)

For as long as I can remember, people have always asked me if my eyelashes are fake. Luckily, I was blessed with naturally long eyelashes which only ever required a bit of mascara and no eyelash curlers. 

I have worn fake eyelashes once in my life which was a few months ago at my birthday party but to be honest, it wasn't me and I prefer my own real lashes.

People are always stopping me and asking what products I use so I thought I would share with everyone..  

Firstly, I start with a layer of 'They're Real' mascara by Benefit. I find that this thin wand helps to seperate my lashes making them look realy natural. Then I leave them to set and continue with other make up. About 5 minutes later I will add a layer of Lash Architect by L'oreal. This has been my favourite mascara for about 3 years and I swear by it. This makes the lashes look thick and full. I do one layer of this and leave to dry. If I am really glamming up I will add another layer but only to the ends to add length. 

I also get people asking me about my eyebrows.. "Wow, you had the HD brows done?!" Ummm, no. I have them threaded once a month and use MAC eyebrow pencil in 'spiked' - easy peasy :)

Make up can be really easy if you try. I do have a certificate in Make Up Application but have always loved it and you just need to learn what colours or tones and products work for you. 

If you would like help with how to do your make up or you have make up products you would like me to test and blog about email me at

LaLa x

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Music to my ears!

Hey guys,

Let me introduce you to Alex Adams. The hottest new singer to come to the scene.
With a James Dean swag about him and a voice to melt your troubles away, I know he is going to make it big. 

You can follow his Facebook page - - on there you will find his updated music and videos. My favourite is his copy of the song 'Suitcase.' I literally melt everytime I hear it!! 

Oh, and girls, he is HOT!!


LaLa x


Hey everyone!

Welcome to the Life of London LaLa!! 

You will all probably know me from my other blog, Love, Life and everything inbetween (which I will still post from, don't worry) but decided to start a new blog to write about more general things. 

My blogs here will be about places I visit, hotels, restaurants, products I try and things I find awesome so that I can share my opinions with you all! 

If you own a company and would like me to blog about a product or something similar, please email

Hope to see some wonderful comments from you all..

All my love..

LaLa x