Sunday, 16 September 2012

It's in the eyes :)

For as long as I can remember, people have always asked me if my eyelashes are fake. Luckily, I was blessed with naturally long eyelashes which only ever required a bit of mascara and no eyelash curlers. 

I have worn fake eyelashes once in my life which was a few months ago at my birthday party but to be honest, it wasn't me and I prefer my own real lashes.

People are always stopping me and asking what products I use so I thought I would share with everyone..  

Firstly, I start with a layer of 'They're Real' mascara by Benefit. I find that this thin wand helps to seperate my lashes making them look realy natural. Then I leave them to set and continue with other make up. About 5 minutes later I will add a layer of Lash Architect by L'oreal. This has been my favourite mascara for about 3 years and I swear by it. This makes the lashes look thick and full. I do one layer of this and leave to dry. If I am really glamming up I will add another layer but only to the ends to add length. 

I also get people asking me about my eyebrows.. "Wow, you had the HD brows done?!" Ummm, no. I have them threaded once a month and use MAC eyebrow pencil in 'spiked' - easy peasy :)

Make up can be really easy if you try. I do have a certificate in Make Up Application but have always loved it and you just need to learn what colours or tones and products work for you. 

If you would like help with how to do your make up or you have make up products you would like me to test and blog about email me at

LaLa x