Monday, 1 October 2012

Brazilian Blow Dry

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica, owner of Frizz Free London. She came over to my house to give me a Brazilian blow dry. 

They specialise in the revolutionary Keratin based treatment which will change the way you style your hair. However, this Brazilian blow dry is different to most others. Most stylists will use the basic Keratin product, Frizz Free London use a treatment called Eternity liss which uses Keratin and Collagen!

Usually when you have this treatment, you have to leave your hair for 3 days before you can wash it, get it wet or straighten it. With Eternity Liss you can wash your hair after one hour!! 

The treatment takes about 3 hours in total but it is so worth it. I have naturally curly hair and now when I wash it, it dries wavy and takes me only ten minutes to straighten where as before it would take me about 45 minutes!! 

I advise anyone who has curly or frizzy hair that wants the frizz gone, to do this treatment. The prices are much cheaper than a salon and Jessica is the nicest girl who will keep you entertained for the three hours!!

Check out their website for more information, prices and contact details!

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