Thursday, 29 November 2012

HD Brows

Those who know me, know that I do not go anywhere without my eyebrows 'on.'

When I was younger, I had the most bushy eyebrows you have ever seen and thanks to a friend of my sisters who was a beauty therapist, she came and waxed them for me at the tender age of 13. After that I became a bit obsessed and got carried away with them. So my eyebrows went from crazy monobrow to non existant brow.

I would pluck and tweeze when I saw the slightest movement of hair or one that did not need to be there. I then came across threading a few years ago which have since shaped my eyebrows into a lovely shape. Although I had to grow them for some time and become Bushy Barbara again, I decided a little extra hair for some time would be better than these snakes above my eyes. Since then I have had great eyebrows which I pencil aswel due to holes in my brows from years of plucking, but I also like to perfect the shape with my pencil.

Recently I was introduced to a girl called Lacey. I was told that she does this "HD Brow" treatment and after hearing about it here and there I decided to give it a go. I spoke to Lacey who made me grow my eyebrows (my dreaded fear) for a few weeks then my appointment was booked. 

To get HD Brows you need to go through 7 simple steps to get these perfect looking eyebrows. 
1) Assess - face shape, hair colour
2) Tint eyebrow hair
3) Wax - above and below 
4) Thread
5) Tweeze
6) Trim
7) Aftercare - pencil if needed

So with these 7 simple steps and the most relaxing hour and a half, my eyebrows were transformed once again into a lovely shape. I am so happy with them and would advise everyone to try it out. It lasts for about 3/4 weeks and then you need to have it done again. 

I highly recommend Lacey, she lives in Hertfordshire but will travel around North London if you cannot get to her :) Call her on 07725320825

Lots of love,

LaLa x


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