Friday, 23 November 2012

Lash Perfect :)

Hey Dolls,

So last month like I have mentioned previously, I attended the Cosmo Blog awards. Whilst there I had a set of fake lashes put on by Natalie from Lash Perfect. 

I have naturally long eyelashes so have never really felt the need to wear false eyelashes but after having the 'By LaLa' brand of Lash Perfect put on, I was hooked.

Lucky for me, the lovely company sent me out a number of eyelashes to test and try. 

They also sent me a product that has me HOOKED! Semi-permanent lip tint and Semi-permanent eye liner. WOW! I have never come across anything like these. They basically look like a felt tip! The lip tint is great and I have been using it as a lip liner. I apply this and then put my lipstick on. The great thing about it is that you can shape your lips differently to how they already are. For example if you have a thin upper lip, using the lip tint you can make a slightly higher line, giving your lip more definition. Oh by the way, it stayed on all night and only came off when I took off my make up.

As for the eye liner, there was no smudging and no mess like a regular kohl pencil. You can apply the liner on the top of your eyelid or on the inside line. 

I am now obsessed with these items and do not want them to finish!! I highly recommend!

To check out the full range of products, visit the website Lash Perfect:)


Lots of love,
Lala x

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